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Meet Chelsea

Hey there! My name is Chelsea, founder of Find Your Feel Nutrition. I am a Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist with a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from James Madison University. I started FYF on a mission to help people navigate through all of the abundant (and often times conflicting) health and nutrition information online. My focus is to help you feel like the best version of you, in every aspect of your life!

My focus lies within Integrative and and Functional Nutrition (INF), which is an area in which I am in the process of obtaining official certification. I love this approach to nutrition therapy because it is centered around a holistic, personalized application to health and healing. It focuses on using foods to help you optimize your health based on your specific needs, including:

Here to Serve You

I will work with you to build an individualized and realistic approach to nutrition that aligns with your lifestyle, schedule, and goals. My goal is to help you create sustainable nutrition and wellness habits to help you feel your best. I will also be an accountability partner for you and help you to organize your thoughts, feelings and goals to create sustainable habits. 

This program is a way for you to prioritize yourself and invest in your health. When you prioritize yourself and your health, you will radiate in all areas of your life! 

One of my favorite aspects of coaching is being able to provide ideas, accountability, and motivation to my clients. We will work together to identify what in YOUR life brings you joy and learn how to cultivate more of that in your daily life. The right mindset is a critical tool you’ll need when working towards your goals and is something I will help you develop throughout the duration of this program.

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